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Upcoming show at Town of South Windsor Fall Fest 2014 Witch Way 5K on Saturday October 18th 

Fatgrip returns again this year for this fun family event. We will be performing from 9am to 11:30am to start the Jacob’s Jog Kids Run and the Witch Way 5k race. Check out this link for more details

After our performance starting at 12 noon the Corn Toss Championship starts and Fatgrip plans on taking home 1st prize. If your brave enough, you can sign up your team here and challenge the mighty Fatgrip. We plan on bringing home the championship. Sign up is $20 this week. Click here to sign up. BYOB


Top Ten Things To Get For Your Rock Star On Black Friday 

Top Ten Things To Get For Your Rock Star On Black Friday

10) A Single Serve Coffeemaker. Not just any coffeemaker but a single serve coffeemaker! They can make coffee, expresso even hot chocolate after an all day studio session or better yet to keep the Drummer awake after a late night banging session. Keurig is a popular choice but there are all different brands for about $100.

9) LED flashlight kit. What Rock star doesnt need a cool set of small, medium and large LED flashlights to use? From walking through dark hallways behind stages to needing a small flashlight to check out the Marshall amp before the big show, a flashlight is a must!

8) Manicure Set. Did you read this right? A manicure set? Yes! Unless your Rock star is part of new wave of the early 90s grunge movement with long finger nails, he or she is going to need some polished, clean tips to not only look right but play right. When did you ever see Kurt Cobain with ugly-looking fingernails? Exactly

7) Car Polish.Well we all know that a lot of Rock starcould use a little extra cash and waxing cars can be a lucrative endeavor, right? Just kidding From your Drummers drum set to the Bass Guitar, Car polish is the just the right thing to clean and protect their instrument from Beer, Sweat and occasional tear from an ecstatic fan.

6) Lingerie. Well unless your Male Rock star is in New York Dolls or is going for some type of new stage look, this wouldnt be particularly good for them to wear themselves if you catch my drift. What makes a male Rock star feel more like a Rock star then to have their number one groupie dress up extra nice after a great show? The holidays are all about giving.

7) Thin Winter Gloves. Giggingduring the winter months is brutal on your body, mind and HANDS. Every Rock star, from holding the stage mic to strumming the next chord need strong healthy hands to get the job done. Keeping those hands free from the elements can help your Rock star have a long and lustrous career. Pick gloves that are extra thin that have grips on them. Eastern Mountain Sports is a popular choice but any ski/sporting goods store should have them in stock.

6) Man Purse aka Road bag. Lyrics, pens, contracts, throat lozenges all need a home when on the road. Having a bag that can hold all the extras needed for the show makes your Rockstars life a little easier. One with a shoulder strap is a must for freeing those hands to sign autographs when exiting a show.

5) Iphone/IPad/Labtop.In todays high tech social media world every musician needs a dedicated computer system for writing emails and Facebook posts to writing lyrics for the next big hit. Not having a dedicated portable unit limits your days at the top of rock charts.

4) iTunes Gift Card.What Rockstar doesnt want more music to listen too? How about a new movie or new app? This is great gift especially forsomething last-minute because just about every store sells these and they come in all different monetary values. Fatgrip anyone?

3) Bluetooth Mini Radio.With everyone having smartphones that can do just about everything, having a loading dock with speakers for the musician is perfect for recharging your phone and for listening to some last-minute songs before rehearsal. These are great for day job Rock starwho need to cram in some extra listening time for the new material.

2) Big Screen TV.Well you cant have a Black Friday sale and not want a Big Screen 60 TV for $175 right? Your Rock star wont be upset with this especially if they are still rocking the 27 Zenith that they got freshman year. Smart TV is actually a great choice for Rock stars because they can check out all their favorite bands on You Tube up close and personal on the big screen. Can you pass the remote?

1) Guitar Center Giftcard.Im sure you saw this one coming especially if youve had that Rock star in your life for a while. Sunday visits to GC on your anniversary? Sales flyers clogging up your mailbox? Just think theyll be ready with some extra cash when that next big gear purchase happens (next week) and they will think youre the coolest ever! Rock on!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-Jimmy Sixx